PowerEdge 39PE

Gear Reduction Starter

Performance. Quality. Competitively Priced.

A commercial truck is the ultimate work tool. Its role is to perform a task, be productive and in the end, help companies make a profit. For that to all happen, first it has to start! That’s where the PowerEdge™ 39PE starter gives you the Edge. PowerEdge starters benefit from over 70 years of engineering and manufacturing experience supplying auto and truck makers with electrical components. So, the next time you need a new starter, choose the PowerEdge 39PE – it’s the right choice.

  • Competitively priced and more durable compared with other brands.
  • Rugged design and powerful performance.
  • Every unit tested to meet factory-original performance.
  • Over Crank Protection (OCP) constantly monitors the internal temperature and prevents thermal damage to the starter.
  • Integral Magnetic Switch (IMS) reduces voltage drop and ensures the solenoid receives maximum voltage under all starting conditions.
  • 100 percent new units. Not rebuilt. No core charge.
  • One-year/unlimited miles warranty.
Engine Size 12V up to 16 liters
Rotation Clockwise
Mounting SAE # 3
Pinion Data 11 Tooth, 6-8 Pitch, 12 Tooth, 8-10 Pitch, 12 Tooth, Mod 3-metric
Output 12V peak at 7.3 kW
Engine Size: 12V up to 16 liters

Rotation: Clockwise

Mounting: SAE # 3

Pinion Data: 11 Tooth, 6-8 Pitch, 12 Tooth, 8-10 Pitch, 12 Tooth, Mod 3-metric

Output: 12V peak at 7.3 kW